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Password JDM - 3 Point Front Strut Bar


Our bars are individually hand crafted here in the states from 6061 aluminum. It's the strongest aluminum bars in the market and far exceeds the competition in both form and function. One of the biggest problems with most unibody cars that are bone stock from the factory is shock tower flex, a condition in which the shock/strut towers will flex under hard cornering resulting in a sloppy suspension feel. Our bars were designed to eliminate that problem giving you a more solid feel to driving. With what we came up with, we were able to not only reach but we far exceeded that goal. They are designed with a few goals in mind... form, function, and longevity.

 About the bars... The mounting flanges are laser cut and formed from a SINGLE piece of 6061 T-4 aluminum and TIG welded individually for added strength and performance. The tubing is made exclusively for Password:JDM and is formed by a costly process known as extrusion from industrial grade aluminum which is then certified as 6061 T-4 to our exact specifications. The wall thickness (0.125") is far superior in rigidity to any other aluminum bars on the market to date. The coating is a high density epoxy coating proprietary to Password:JDM and is only available in Password:JDM Bronze.

What you can expect with these bars is the best looking bars with exceptionally superior performance over the competition. Individually hand crafted to last the lifetime of your vehicle, you will feel a dramatic improvement in high speed cornering on both the track and streets. Our bars will fit all DC, EG, and EK chassis with any combination of hybrid swaps(B,H,or Kseries) and/or upgraded brake masters(ITR with oversized fluid resevoir). Unlike most imported bars which were designed to fit only RHD(right hand drive) or LHD(US Spec Left Hand Drive) vehicles, Password:JDM bars were designed with a world spec application. They will fit BOTH LHD and RHD cars. Whether you are a diehard JDM fanatic to the fullest, or just the daily LHD grinder, our bars will work for all of you! Happy motoring!

Its been confirmed! The Password:JDM 3-Point Front Solid Tower Bar will clear DC/EG/EK vehicles equipped with a K20 engine while using a Hasport mount kit.

Years Color Size List  Sale Price
Honda Civic All  1992 - 1995 Bronze  $229.95 Ea. $229.95 Ea.
Honda Civic All  1996 - 2000 Bronze  $229.95 Ea. $229.95 Ea.
Acura Integra All  1994 - 2001 Bronze  $229.95 Ea. $229.95 Ea.

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