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B & M - Fuel Pressure Regulator


The B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator is a small device with a diaphragm. This maintains constant pressure regardless of the rate of flow. Your vehicle could not run without the fuel pump. On the other hand, your fuel pump needs a Fuel Pressure Regulator to take the high-pressure gasoline supplied by the fuel pump and deliver it at a stable pressure to the rest of the fuel system. The fuel injection components are very sensitive to pressure and volume, thus the B&M fuel pressure regulator ensures that these system parts get the gasoline at the right pressure. If your fuel pump is not equipped with good-quality Fuel Pressure Regulator like B&M, too much pressure or too little pressure can be obtained. Either of these problems may cause flooding, hesitation, stalling, or no-start condition. The fuel pressure regulator under the hood is easy to test. You can hook up a fuel pressure gauge that's intended for a fuel injection system then compare the readout to what is specified for your car.

Years Color Size List  Sale Price
Any Mfg ALL 1970 - 2010 Purple  $54.95 Ea. $54.95 Ea.
Any Mfg ALL 1970 - 2010 Polished  $54.95 Ea. $54.95 Ea.
Any Mfg ALL 1970 - 2010 Red  $54.95 Ea. $54.95 Ea.
Any Mfg ALL 1970 - 2010 Blue  $54.95 Ea. $54.95 Ea.

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